Best Free Keylogger Software Review

Have you wondered how did you got hacked? Probably, you were a victim of a keylogger or software that captures, records and displays the typed keys submitted by your keyboard.

If there is a keylogger installed, then every single keystroke (including letters, numbers, enters and even spaces) is recorded. The administrator can view all recent activity from every computer with a keylogger software installed.

Even though this kind of software was developed to monitoring what children and employees are doing and seeing on the internet, it’s often used for malicious actions, such as hacking.

At the same time, you might be observed and tracked down by some keylogger and you wouldn’t ever find out. Why? Because they can be running 24/7 hidden in your pc.

They are almost impossible to spot, and they can be set up in hidden mode in order to be invisible to computer users. We recommend using them with a good purpose and responsibility because they can invade and ruin other peoples’ lives.

However, if you want to use a keylogger to track down what your kids, employees, and customers are doing on the internet, then we will review this reliable free keylogger:

Keylogger Free

Keylogger free is a free software to control everything that happens on your computer without risking your presence.

Do you want to monitor what your employees and kids are typing? This free keylogger records every single keystroke typed in any chat, email, messenger, names, passwords and everything in general.

In addition, this free keylogger can be used as a surveillance technique within any business, whether it is a large or a small business.

Are you suspecting about a possible cheat from your spouse? Find it out by recording everything on the computer.

Your imagination puts limits on what a keylogger can do, but it’s also an extremely useful tool because it’s often used as a backup. Some people panic when some data or task is lost, but a keylogger acts as a backup for that kind of scenarios.


  • Records all keystrokes, websites visited and even apps used. It does not matter where that person is typing, if there’s any key pressed, it will be recorded.
  • Completely discrete and invisible from anyone. Follow up closely what your computers are doing with total invisibility with the hidden mode.
  • Auto-generated reports. Keylogger free automatically generates full detailed reports to keep everything tidy and recorded.
  • Browsing spy. When it comes to exploring the web, monitoring what people are doing becomes crucial. This keylogger records every single website visited, regardless of the internet browser.

Bottom Line: Should I Download Keylogger Free?

We all agree that the most important thing is functionality, right?

Speaking of functionality, free-to-use, features and quality, there is no space to criticize this software because it delivers a smooth, reliable and precise performance with total privacy and stealth.

Official website:

Status: Totally free

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