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I’ve lost account of how many times I’ve needed an audio converter, but even more impressive yet, is the fact I never found one. All software I found was paid, limited and a little different from what I was expecting.

However, in this digital decade, almost everything can be found with just some clicks and with Google guiding us.

I ran to Google and I started Googling for a while and I realized how difficult it’s to find the right Audio converter for free. I mean, you can literally find hundreds of option on the internet, but your results will be disappointing because all of them are either paid, limited or you need to download unknown file with who knows how many viruses and malicious files.

Luckily, I did find an audio converter that helped me on those days when I needed to convert MP3 to WAV. Until these days, that option stands out as one of the best online audio converters for free.

Hassle-free Audio Converter

One of the most valuable features of any software out there is how easy it’s to use by either expert and beginners. Virtually no one will have problems when facing the Online Audio Converter interface, it’s literally made for children.

It has not overwhelming information or options that will keep you away from converting any audio file, as soon as you got in the website, it’s clear as water what you have to do in order to convert any audio file.

The first step is evidently typing in your browser, immediately you’ll face the home screen in which you’ve two options right on top of the screen: PC Upload and Remote Upload.

PC Upload feature allows you to directly convert any kind of audio file on your PC. Any file stored on your PC can be found through this option and you have no limit on the amount of files you can convert.

The Remote Upload feature is destined to convert audio files coming from any link, incredibly useful if you don’t have a PC near to you or even if you want to convert an audio file directly from its website.

The second step is choosing the converting method (PC Upload or Remote Upload) once you’ve decided what to do and where it is the audio file, it’s time to click on Upload file or link and wait until it’s uploaded.


Upload Audio


As you can tell, the process is immediate and it doesn’t involve too much brain power. The speed in which this online audio converter does its job is impressive, I’m that kind of guy with depressive and painful internet connection, so I thought I was going to spend at least 30 minutes in converting a simple song I loved, but even with a slow, 3rd-world internet connection, I could make it in just 3 minutes. Impressive and fast, doesn’t it?


Output Formats


As soon as it completed the uploading process, you’ll get a handful of options to convert your audio too. You can convert any of the formats above into any of those formats with no limitation and totally free.


Quality Presets


Another feature included with this online audio converter is the settings you can set up before converting your audio file. You will see presets options in which you can choose amongst 4-5 options of presets. In addition, there is a custom option in which you can choose compression level.


Download Converted Audio


When everything is set up, it is time to download the converted audio file and you’ll get information about it.

That’s all, and you’ve probably realized that virtually anyone can do it.

Doesn’t Require Any Download

What makes this audio converter stand out from competence; it does not require installing or downloading any kind of software.

Many other audio converters offer their services exclusively by downloading their software and that might ruin your PC’s privacy and security.

It’s completely functional through its website and it doesn’t need any downloadable file.

Completely Safe to Use

This is an online audio converter unique from the rest, it’s completely safe to use and it doesn’t even require to sign up or leave your information to use it.

It’s an online audio converter thought to be functional, free and totally hassle-free and nothing more.

Supports Popular Audio Files Formats

If you are looking for an online audio converter with exotic or exclusive formats, then this is not your best bet. It only provides conversion to popular formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AMR, M4R.

That’s why I don’t recommend this online audio converter to professional people or people with special needs.

Verdict: Is This a Good Online Audio Converter?

I can judge by my experience and other’ experiences this is best online audio converter you may find on the internet. It’s not the best of formats options, but we need to remember it’s totally free and doesn’t bother us with tons of ads or signup process.

There are no doubts about it that you can get a similar online video converter, but by paying a monthly fee and by downloading a specific software.

Online Video Converter is the best because it’s totally free, you don’t need to expose your security nor privacy and ultimately you’ll get your converted audio file in less than a few minutes and 3-clicks.

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