Several Ways to Listen to Music and Play MP3 in Your Car

In Built music player Jack

Most modern cars come with an option in their audio system that enables owners to plug portable MP3 player directly into an audio jack of the car stereo system. Some car stereo systems have an inbuilt line jack that does accept a 3.5mm headphone jack which you can use to input data. This audio can either be used on the car stereo itself, which might be seen on the dashboard or in a glove or storage compartment. Also, audio jack can use a USB cable, an RCA / audio cable or both. Also, you can be able to sort through songs, playlists and also volume controls by using the buttons on your vehicle console rather than your portable MP3 Player control.

Cassette player adapter

There are some cars stereo system that built in cassette tapes, if this is present in your car then you can use a cassette adapter. Cassette adapter has a cassette shaped like which is connected to a wire and a mini earphone jack. To use this in your car you can take the earphone jack and plug it into your portable MP3 player, you can then insert the cassette adapter into your cassette deck, and then your portable MP3 player will be playing music on it through the cassette deck on your car stereo.

FM Transmitter

This is an easy way to play music from your car, all you need is your MP3 player of any brand and an FM transmitter. To power it up you need to plug it into the cigarette lighter, one end of the short cable plug is plugged into the transmitter while the other end is connected to the headphone jack of your MP3 player. To be able to get connected you need to get the transmitter station tuned to the same station as your car stereo, and you will have your MP3 audio playback through your car speakers, also it comes with a remote control for quick control of your music playlist, the remote enables you play, pause, next or prev and so much more. Though the sound you might get might not be as clear as when your music is been played from your car player. But this method works fine almost in all car stereo

Bluetooth pairing

This is a common way when playing music or other music files that are stored on your smartphones. For you to be able to use this method your car need to be Bluetooth enabled. First, you will need to pair your Smartphone with your car, once your car is connected to your phone just play the songs on your phone playlist and the sounds will be coming out from your car audio system. See: How Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth pairing

Most modern day cars come with USB port which enables car owner to connect their storage devices such as your phone, flash drive, or MP3 players. If your car comes with a USB port then you can connect your phone to your car just like connecting your phone to a computer by using a USB cable. Once your phone is connected to your car you can then play all your audio and video files and you get the display and sound coming out from your car audio system.


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