Top 5 Driver Backup Software 2017

Things can never be worse when the computer is crashed and all your data and drivers are lost. If you are using the Window PC just like me, you should know that I learned it the hard way.

It is very important to have a driver backup software on your device. It will restore all the lost drivers back on your system without any hassle. I can understand that the selection of the software is tough when there are so many options to select from. To help you out I did a complete research and came up with the top 5 driver backup software.

1-Free Driver Backup

Free Driver Backup is the best driver on the list. It is very reliable and easy to use. The best feature that I liked about the software was it allowed me to back up all the drivers and I was able to restore them whenever I required. Some of the interesting specifications are.

  • The Free Driver Backup is free to use
  • User-interface is very simple
  • Customized scanning and identification features are available

2-DriverGuide Toolkit

DriverGuide Toolkit was an interactive tool. The software allowed to me back up all the drivers as well as it installed the latest updates for the drivers on my system and so I never had to deal with upgrading the system. The biggest attraction was the database from where I could easily get any kind of driver that I wanted for my system.


I think that DriverMax is an optimum solution. The software allowed me to backup, restore and upgrade the drivers at the same time. It was compatible with all the versions of Windows available and I came across a collection of more than 2 million drivers on the platform. It automatically updated all the drivers on my device. The free version is available but most of the latest features are available in the pro version.

4-Driver Backup 2

Driver Backup 2 it is a quick window back up and user-friendly driver tool. I was able to use it as a tool for the backup of third-party drivers and I was able to restore the drivers on my PC without a hassle. It is an easy to operate and there was no need to install it on my PC.

5-Double Driver

The Double Driver meet all my basic requirements related to the driver backup and restoration. The software is free to use but the only issue I came across was, it has not been updated for a while due to which it is only compatible with a few platforms. However, it met all my immediate requirements. It allowed me to backup the drivers from the non-live window.

Bottom line

I would recommend you to use the Free Driver Backup because it has the most interactive platform and you will not have to pay anything for using the services. However, I would advise that always select the software that meets your requirements and budget.

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